Julia Emaya

     5.0 - 25 clients
Hi, my name is Julia. I’m an Intuitive, Embodiment Coach, Somatic Healer, Energy Worker and most of all passionate human being dedicated to changing the way how we live, work and love.

There is an universal power for you available, waiting to be fully seen, expressed and embraced.

It is my bliss to help you release trauma, blockages and negative emotions stored in the body to guide you through my somatic approach into energetic alignment with what you truly want and who you are.

Frequently asked questions

What will I experience during the session?

During the session, you can expect to experience emotional release as you explore and process your feelings. You may gain deep understanding and insights about your core wounds, psyche, and emotional landscape. The session may provide an opportunity to receive spiritual guidance and to integrate any parts of consciousness that have been fragmented. Through the process, you may feel a sense of wholeness, unity, and alignment within yourself. Overall, the session can be a transformative and healing experience.

What can I expect afterwards?

You might feel tired after the session. After giving your body a rest and what it needs, you will feel increased energy for the next couple of days and/or weeks, feeling a natural "high". Limiting behavior patterns fall away and you can release old stories about your identity to feel and embody who you truly are.

What should I prepare?

You can prepare for the session by setting an intention. Intentions are the seeds that guide us through life and can help to give the session direction. Setting an intention can be a helpful way for you to focus your attention and stay motivated during the session. It can be as simple as stating a specific goal or quality that you would like to cultivate (e.g. relaxation, clarity, compassion). By setting an intention, you can bring more purpose and meaning to your session.

Why would I work with you?

I don't tell you what to do. I'll guide you to a place where you can listen to the inherent body wisdom that remains in all of us. I will connect you to your emotions, the body and intuition and help you to activate your own healing abilities.

Reviews about Julia



I want to thank you so much for the process we went through together. For several days I had an unpleasant feeling that some emotion is sitting in my stomach and wanted to be expressed. From the moment we spoke on the phone call I felt I found the person I was looking for. Someone gentle who knows how to contain another person and give space to express what he feels. From the moment we started the session together I felt very safe. I felt very peaceful to dedicate myself to your guidance and just listen to your soft voice that will lead me back to accept what I feel and connect to that emotion. Julia managed to give me the space and tools I was looking for to touch that emotion and manage to cry it out. Thank you.



Truly amazing things are happening since our session. Julia helped me to let go of some “negative” emotions that were totally stuck in my body for more than 45 years. After the session I felt like I was flying, walking back along the road. The effect did not wane unlike with other things I had tried. In fact it has become even better every day since our session. I feel much more alive again, with a much stronger energy flow throughout my body. I go deeper in my meditations and feel much more connected to my spiritual guidance. I feel more empathy towards the people around me and can relate more freely. I feel home in my body again and also way more confident. I stopped smoking and drink less alcohol since our session. 



I felt safe, well held and contained by Julia and her sensitivity and wisdom during the session, being able to instantly go to a deep trauma I know happened just after my birth, even I have no intellectual memory of it. Emotions and images came back and with the help of Julia we could gently redraw the story, and recode the limbic imprints. After the session, I have some insights into how to take care of my inner child on a daily basis and feeling more confident now. In the compassionate and dedicated presence of Julia I got more awareness about my trauma and who I am without it. I feel less lonely with this now, thank you
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