Valentyn Korotkevych

     5.0 - 30 clients
Hi, I'm Valentyn. I engage in a somatic healing practice whereby we are working with your connective tissue to unravel where blockages are in your body. I will help guide you to a deep state of relaxation in which these can be released. I also offer writing therapy whereby you can work on writing a narritive that serves your life.

Therapy practitioner - Somatic (TVM, Polyvagal) modality ; Masseuse, Reiki & Craniosacral practitioner. 

Frequently asked questions

What will I experience during the session?

During the session, you can let go of any expectations or agendas you might have, and simply surrender to the process of the session. You can relax fully and open up to whatever insights or experiences may arise.

Let your inner wisdom and intuition guide you. You may receive signs or affirmations, discover a part of purpose or your thruth.

This can be a deeply meaningful and transformative experience.

What can I expect afterwards?

You can expect to feel:
  • Integration: After the session, you may experience a period of integration as they process any insights or experiences that arose during the session.
  • Reflection (interior, exterior): It can be helpful for you to take some time to reflect on their experience during the session, both internally (examining their thoughts, feelings, and sensations) and externally (considering any changes in their behavior or circumstances). 
  • A chance for deeper clarity: The session can provide a chance to gain deeper clarity and understanding about yourselves and your life. 
  • Cleansing: For some, the session may be a cleansing experience, releasing old patterns or limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. 

What should I prepare?

  • Meditation: Practicing meditation before the session can help you to quiet your minds and become more present. This can enhance the benefits of the session.
  • Set intention: It can be helpful for you to set an intention for the session, such as a specific goal or quality you would like to cultivate (e.g. relaxation, clarity, compassion). This can help you to stay focused and motivated during the session.
  • No-expectation, free mindset: It's important for you to come to the session with an open and curious mindset, rather than expecting a certain outcome. This can help you to be more receptive to the benefits of the session.
  • Healthy diet and sleep pattern: Ensuring that you have a healthy diet and sleep pattern can help you to feel their best during the session. This can include eating nourishing meals, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep.
  • No stimulants (coffee, alcohol etc.): It's generally best for you to avoid stimulants such as coffee and alcohol before the session, as these can interfere with relaxation and mindfulness. It's important for you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the session.

Why would I work with you?

As a healer, I am dedicated to providing a deep and authentic connection with my clients. I value being clear and transparent in my work. I strive to create a safe and supportive space for clients to explore and heal, and to offer the best care and guidance I can.

Reviews about Valentyn



I'm 100% satisfied with Valentyn's facilitation. I got into state of a deep relaxation during the cession and felt it until the end of the day. The pain in my lower back was gone. I felt energized and balanced. 



Thanks for letting me feel so save . Especially for being a male who did because normally I can’t feel too safe if a male is doing bodywork with me.



Valentyn was very calm and soothing and felt like a warm presence to work with.
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